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We are now embarking on a journey through musical time, musical styles and cultures. What seems strange at first becomes more and more pleasurable, interesting, fascinating and exciting, the more you are familiar with the musical concepts.


The process is like visiting a distant country for the first time. You are instantly immersed in a different culture and notice that everything is different and unfamiliar. You are surrounded by people who speak a different language that you don’t understand, who dress differently than you are used to, and who have other customs and practices.


At first glance, this can be very intimidating if you are not prepared for this experience or you might find it very inspiring and exciting to explore and discover new things. How you see it depends on your willingness and openness to explore new ideas.


I will introduce these new ideas and concepts gradually, systematically and actively, so for now, focus on learning the Elements of Music and listen carefully for these aspects in the music you hear, and gradually you will gain a deeper understanding that will open your ears, mind and soul to all levels of musical thought.

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